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Womens Month Celeb with BFP OrientationThe DILG RO8 celebrated the impact of the hard working women in the Department with Purple Friday. The morning of April 1, 2022 saw a fun and engaging activity for the personnel with games and trivia. This was followed by the celebration of a Thanksgiving Mass. The afternoon was a learning experience with the BFP Tacloban Fire Officers giving an orientation on Fire Safety. One of the highlights was the firsthand experience given to personnel in extinguishing fire.
Womens Month Zumba 1
After the orientation, it was time to unwind, relax, and enjoy through a healthy Zumba session with the DILG personnel. The energy and enthusiasm was through the roof leading to an encore!
The LGCDD Chief, Ms. Rudith Roca, closed the event with a message of encouragement to all the women of DILG, inspiring them to be versatile, open-minded, and loving. The DILG RO8 wishes all the strong and beautiful ladies a happy Women's Month! March may have come to a close, but everyday is a chance to honor and celebrate our women!

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